ROMI 3D Plant Visualizer
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About the Visualizer

This is the developer documentation of the Plant Visualizer for the ROMI Project.

This app is designed to give a visual feedback of the ROMI pipeline. It allows users to observe 3D reconstructions of plants, and to review different automatic treatments applied to these plants.

Getting started

To get started with the visualizer, clone (or fork and then clone) the GitHub repository.

Follow the README instructions to fetch dependencies and start a local development server.

Technologies used

The visualizer uses 3 main technologies :

  • React
  • Redux
  • ThreeJS

It's strongly recommended that you learn how these 3 technologies work in order to improve the visualizer

This documentation

This doc is aimed at documenting each component (again, if you don't know what a component is, read about React) of this application to help you understand the underlying architecture and inner workings of the application.